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What Can You, Anew Coaching Do For You?


Are you ready to create your Best Life?

Congratulations! You are a woman of a certain age. Opportunities abound. The potent combination of wisdom and experience equals the chance for you to create your Best Life. You have years of experience, expertise, knowledge, understanding, know-how, skill. And, that’s not the complete list!

So many options. What to choose? Questions loom. “I have no idea what I want to do.” “What matters to me as I age?” “I don’t know where to begin.” “Will the real me please stand up?”

Coaching can clarify your thinking and free your mind to create the next chapter of your life.

As a lifelong journaler and a career coach, I know that the answers are already inside of you. You have had inklings of your Best Life that you have ignored, denied, or misidentified. I have used journaling for myself and my clients with great success.

Consider one-on-one coaching to identify and claim your place in the world.

Create YOUR Best Life.



Here is what we will cover in a 1-hour assessment.

• You will complete self-guided exercises to help you envision what you desire from your life. I have designed the exercises to tap into the inner “voice” that has been telling you what you want. Some examples of the exercises include—

—Describe your ideal day

—What is unique about you?

—How do you differentiate yourself from others? 

—Write a story describing the best time of your life

• You will receive one hour of tele-coaching to follow up the exercises and discuss possible next steps.



At the completion of 3 weeks, you will identify and formulate goals to help you live your Best Life. This is what we will do throughout 3 weeks of coaching:

• 1-hour assessment

• In the comfort of your home and at your own pace, you will have the opportunity to complete a checklist and written exercises to help you clarify your goals.

• Some examples of written exercises –

—If I had to do it all over again, I would….

—My most satisfying time of life was…

—It was satisfying because….

• Using your answers to the written exercises, you will receive three 1-hour coaching calls to guide you to identify and formulate your Best Life planning goal



During the 3-month package, I will provide you with more support and accountability. At the completion of 3 months, you will clearly define your goals, you will have a complete mission statement and you will begin living your Best Life.

• 1-hour assessment

• Complete a checklist and written exercises to help you clarify your goals and create a mission statement.

• Some examples of written exercises –

—I want my children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews, etc. to ….

—The advice I would give to my 21-year old self is…

—The best advice I ever received was….

• To increase the possibility of success, I will help you develop and apply the SMART goal setting model to your goals. This includes making your goals–


• You will participate in 6 scheduled 1-hour coaching calls

• You will receive unlimited email coaching. I will respond to your questions within 24 hours.

Fee: $495.00



Your Best Life awaits.
Your words will give it flight.