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Your Best Life awaits.
Your words will give it flight.


You, Anew is a workshop in a book.


With pen in hand and at your own pace, explore your dreams, examine your identity, assess your health.

Consider your passions, responsibilities, life’s work, and hobbies. Ponder what’s fun for you, what you’d rather not do anymore, and what you’d like to do more of. Then when you’ve considered and identified what you really want from your life, create a plan using everything you’ve examined, pondered, studied and written.

You are unique. Your life is unique. This is your opportunity to create your life as you want it to be. Your Best Life.

So many dreams. The time is now.




You, Anew is a self-directed journey to help guide you in the direction of your choosing.

Consider one-on-one coaching to identify and claim your place in the world.

Write, talk, and help each other as we each plan our own Best Life.  


 Meet Janet

Hello, I’m Janet, career coach, writer, workshop leader.

My work has always meant helping people reach their potential, live their dreams and achieve their goals. I invite you, a woman of a certain age, itching to get started on the next chapter, to allow your dreams take shape on the page.