Meet Janet M. Ruck

Hello, I’m Janet,
career coach, writer, workshop leader.

My work has always meant helping people reach their potential, live their dreams and achieve their goals.

I am an avid writer – books, essays, grocery lists, jokes, poems, recipes, manuals, to-do lists. Give me a sheer expanse of paper, be it a blank journal page, the smooth back of an envelope or the blank screen on a monitor and I am compelled to write. The flow of pen to paper and the melodious click of a keyboard have always meant self-expression, creativity and the possibility of dreams not yet imagined. This quest has led to this book, as I put it all together – coaching, writing, teaching – You, Anew—A Guide for the Woman Who Is Ready to Create Her Best Life.

And so, I invite you, a woman of a certain age, itching to get started on the next chapter, to allow your dreams take shape on the page.

It’s the first step toward your Best Life.