A Meaningful Relationship

The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.

--- Steve Maraboli


So many distractions, so little time. It’s a challenge to devote quality time with myself. Technology makes it so easy to find activities other than spending time with me and my thoughts. Just a few keyboard clicks produce those smirking Amazon boxes that sit on my porch and beckon me like “It” the clown in the storm drain. It’s so easy to let the outside world seep into my inner being.

Journaling helps me to slow down and experience life in the moment. I love the fluidity of a pen across paper. The blank page calls me to share my thoughts and my dreams with me, only me.

Sometimes it feels like a luxury yet it’s really a necessity. On days that I forgo journaling I feel as if a part of myself has been left behind. Sorrows, joys, jokes – they all live on my journal pages. The myriad of ideas bring into view just how much goes on inside of me and how much me there is yet to know.

I will often sit down to an open page with nothing to say. But then the thoughts flow and my hand scribbles furiously to keep up with the momentum of inspiration. Because of course life is inspiring, and each day brings newness and opportunity.

It’s my clarion call. Wake up to my life! Savor each moment. Yesterday is past, tomorrow is not promised, and, yes, the present is all I have.

How do you maintain your presence in your present?


Hello, I’m Janet, career coach, writer, workshop leader.

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