Femme Fatale

When it’s over, I want to say all my life I was a bride married to amazement.

--- Mary Oliver

One day I will be abel to do this!

Sometimes when I sit with friends in my age group, I will sit back and listen as if I am a casual observer, rather than a participant. And, if our conversation has meandered down the wrong path – which is often – I am appalled to find that what we discuss are our ailments and our adult children. I’m sure our kids have more interesting topics to discuss among themselves besides their aging parents, so why do we find ourselves mired in dissecting every facet of their lives? And their children’s lives? And, aside from a casual nod to our ever-present aches and pains, do we really need to focus most of our discussion on our physical shortcomings?

I would rather be more interesting than that, and therefore, I shall be. What I discuss is within my control, of course, and perhaps a bit more attention paid to how I present myself to the outside world and all it has to offer may be the remedy I need to shift focus away from topics that scream “I am so boring, I have nothing exciting to talk about.”

So, hmmmm, what is there to talk about?

As women of a certain age, haven’t we engaged in daring feats? We have created our own lives, complete with friends, family and fun, and we’re just getting started! There are still mountains left to climb, oceans to plunge and terrains to traverse. We have books to write, speeches to give and marches to lead. And, most of all, what we have is our big, beautiful lives to fill with every passion at our disposal.

So, the next time I am tempted to mention that pain in my back or that adult child of mine who won’t march to my beat, I will reverse course and instead wax poetic about the grandeur of the mountain range I am planning to visit. Sooner rather than later. I got a lotta livin’ left!

What are some amazing topics that you would love to share with your friends and family the next time you’re together?


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