How Do You See Yourself?

No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.

--- Eleanor Roosevelt

One day I will be abel to do this!

So, people see us differently now that we’re older. While we were once energetic or vibrant, somehow, we’ve become passé. Says who? When you look in the mirror, are you giving yourself permission to feel inferior?

Pay attention to how you describe yourself. If you make statements, such as “It’s hell getting old” or “Turn that mirror around until I leave the room” it may be time for you to learn a different vocabulary.

How might you turn your words around into terminology that is more uplifting?

Here’s my alphabet of growing older. Take what works, create your own. It’s all about you, so make it count.

A agile, not fragile

B brazen and bold, not getting old

C candid and curious, keeps me from being furious.

D ancing diva – anyone, electric slide?

E energetic and electrified.

F acing life head on, wrinkles not an issue.

G grateful goddess that I got this far!

H hilarious, sometimes hysterical. Gotta be me.

I imaginative inklings, writing it all down.

J joyfully jaunty.

K killer abs (ok, I’m working on this)

L laughing and living out loud. There’s no other way!

M movement inspired. Can’t sit still for long.

N no time for nonsense. Life is short.

O outstanding and outrageous can be contagious

P possibilities prevail persistently. Open my eyes!

Q queen of my roost, reach for the skies.

R right to bare arms. No long sleeves for me, let my arms be free!

S savvy and strong, can’t be wrong..

T too talented to pretend otherwise.

U upright and urgent

V vibrant and vivacious

W wise or wise-ass? Depends on how I feel.

Y youthful exuberance is my daily vitamin.

Z zany and zestful

If you are tired of the labels society puts on you, don’t accept them! Create your own language and vocabulary for who you are and how you see yourself. Your self-image determines your identity. It’s up to you to create it.

How people see you is none of your business. How you see yourself, now that’s what matters!



Hello, I’m Janet, career coach, writer, workshop leader.

I help women create their best lives through personal writing.