No More Beige

Color is a power which directly influences the soul.

--- Wassily Kandinsky

colorful life - you, anew

When my son got married, the advice I received as mother of the groom was to wear beige so I wouldn’t steal the bride’s thunder or compete with the mother of the bride. My only rule was to blend into the woodwork.

Of course. I’d been metaphorically wearing beige all my life.

The mask of invisibility.

Being a woman born in the 50’s, the message I consistently heard was never draw attention to myself, meld with the world and don’t let people know I’m there! When sitting in a classroom, never be smarter than the boys. Just sit quietly, rarely raise my hand, and wait to be called on.

I learned the lesson well, and so I’ve spent a good part of my life being careful about who I piss off. I make nice, try to be helpful, and curse only under my breath.

My wardrobe is carefully chosen for neutrality, with subdued colors of navy blue or black, and perhaps a hint of grey. Guaranteed to ensure a subdued spirit.

No more. For me, you anew means that I will take steps to live confidently, think audaciously, and proudly act my age – or not. Maybe even buy red shoes! This is the time of my life to make choices that fit me, not everyone else’s ideas of who I am. Especially since, now, as an aging woman in a society that worships youth, I really am invisible.

What’s in store for you as you, anew?


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