The End of the Road Belongs to Me

No one outside of ourselves can rule us inwardly. When we know this, we become free.

--- Buddha

end of the road

I feel like someone has always been in charge of me. There were my parents, teachers, coaches, and pets when I was young. Back then, I didn’t consider my parakeet a demanding taskmaster. But now that I think about it, Tweety needed to eat, drink, have his cage cleaned and my parents weren’t going to do it.

As a teenager, the number of bosses grew. Added to the list was the fear of being ridiculed, trying to maintain an aura of cool, and pretending I didn’t care if boys noticed me.

Ah, enter adulthood. It felt as if the number of bosses grew in direct proportion to life’s responsibilities. Managers, banker, kids, supervisors, homeowners’ association, spouse, more pets, time… I’ve been shaped into poses and roles I never thought possible – all those bosses telling me what to do and waiting til I did it right.

The grand finale. Senior citizenship. The only one really in charge is me. I can finally relax in the knowing that I can do what, when and how I want. No more bosses. No one to impose expectations.

And, just like Dorothy clicking her heels in her ruby red slippers, being my own boss has been in my power all along. I just needed to wake up to the possibility.

The freedom of being me. The freedom of being.

What is freedom for you?


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