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Did you ever notice that when women get together, magic happens?


We just know how to say the right words, offer the right advice and sometimes just know the right joke to keep each other flying high. It’s our gift and the talents we offer to each other and to the world.


A You, Anew workshop is built on that same gift.

Using the book, You, Anew – A Guide for the Woman Who Is Ready to Create Her Best Life we will meet for a few hours, write, talk, and help each other as we each plan our own Best Life.

Oh, and we’ll laugh, too. That’s the best part. 

Some of the topics we’ll discuss include:

  • What does aging look like to me?

  • What matters to me as an aging woman?

  • How will I prepare for my own renewal?

  • Do I want another career or am I ready to retire?

  • What activities give me a sense of purpose?

  • How do I create a meaningful life?

  • …And anything else that comes up.

At the end of the workshop, you will have a plan to guide you through the rest of your life, your Best Life. 


Your Best Life awaits.
Your words will give it flight.

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